Macro Photography is basically closeup photography. It is one of my favorite techniques. Here are some of my favorite macro photos.

February 08, 20142015IMGP4445_

February 15, 20152015IMGP5339-Edit-with writing_

January 17, 20152015IMGP5047-Edit-Edit-Edit_

January 17, 20152015IMGP5056_

January 17, 20152015IMGP5077_

November 22, 20132015IMGP3576_

September 14, 20132015IMGP2465_

September 14, 20132015IMGP2499_

September 15, 20132015IMGP2595-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit_

September 15, 20132015IMGP2632_

September 15, 20132015IMGP2668_

These photos were taken at the Nashville Photography Club Macro Workshop on February 7, 2016

February 06, 2016for blogIMGP0056_  February 06, 2016for blogIMGP0110_  February 06, 2016for blogIMGP0145_  February 06, 2016for blogIMGP0158_  February 06, 2016for blogIMGP0171_  February 06, 2016for blogIMGP0230_

The following photos are from a Macro Workshop in April 2018