The Mursi are known for the use of lip plates in women. Some are as large as 8″ in diameter. They also wear ear ornaments and stretch the earlobe as seen below.

With the lip plate inserted, the women cannot eat and their speech is drastically hampered. Below see the same women without the lip plate.

No toys, little clothing, but a natural playground – a tree from which to swing and play.

The climate is hot and dry for 9 months of the year. I do not think these huts would prevent rain from coming in during the rainy season June, July, and August

The Mursi village seen from afar.

Scarification is very common among men as well as women.




These children have almost nothing material, but they do have close friendships and community.




The woman on the left is grinding sorghum.



With the lip plate out, the lower lip hangs as seen below.





All the ornamentation is taken from items growing or found on the land.








There seems to be a lot of eye disease in the village. There were lots of flies on children’s eyes but they did not seem to shoo them away. I expect that is the cause of the extensive eye disease and blindness.











Clothing is basically a blanket wrapped and knotted at the shoulder.


Most of the people, especially the children, had shaved hair styles you seen below.


I am distressed to see the eye disease that is so common in these villages.


This baby’s eyes were covered with flies that no doubt carry disease. But the people seem to have become accustomed to the flies and do not shoo them away.










She is very proud of her scarification.