The Hamar tribe lives in the Omo River area of Ethiopia.

The necklace around this woman’s neck designates that she is a first wife. When I asked (using gestures) if she slept with that around her neck, she said yes.


This unique hair style is done using goat milk or butter and red clay or soil. The section of hair is rubbed or rolled in the palm of the hand. The Hamar women groom each other’s hair.















Young boys, under the age of about 10, are usually naked. But little girls wear beaded “belts” as well as other jewelry.




Early the next morning in the Hamar village we watched the sun rise and the people waking up.



This amputee climbed out of his house in the early morning.

This woman is another with the common eye disease.

She invited me into her home.





























This woman was fascinated to see herself in the side view mirror of our vehicle and to see inside the vehicle.


On the road between villages in the Omo River area, we came upon these young boys on stilts. They demanded money to photograph them. We obliged. That little one must be younger than 5.