These photos are all taken at what is left of Boeng Mealea Temple. As we entered the grounds we saw the children, with the one very young one, and no adult in sight. Many signs and notices (at hotels etc.) tell tourists not to give candy or money to begging children because doing so would reinforce the idea that begging is better than going to school. These children were not asking us for anything however.

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We did lots of climbing to get from one area to another and to try to get the perfect shot of the carvings, tree formations, and history here. In one photo you can see Alan (a fellow traveler/photographer) trying to navigate the stones to get to a good photo taking spot. The trees are very hardy and are able to grow (seemingly) out of the rock.

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At the exit of the temple grounds was a vendor with beautifully colored skirts and slacks, one of which now belongs to me.

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