I was fascinated with how many people could get onto one motorbike. Someone said “the number of people you could fit onto a motorbike equals the number of people in your family.” Karl (our tour leader) said they often have a contest to see what photographer could get a photo of the most people on one motorbike. I got one with five.

I saw one man holding an infant in one arm and driving the motorbike with the other hand. I wish I had gotten a photo.

These first photos have just two people each on the bike, but some of the passengers are very young. Look also for the cell phone users.

July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1789_













Women usually sit “side saddle” especially if they are the only passenger.

July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1950_













July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2096_

According to the law, only the drive is required to wear a helmet! But the law is seldom enforced.

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2449_

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2454_

Even monks ride as passengers; however, they seldom if ever drive the motorbike.

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2453_

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2907_

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2485_

Note the cell phone below.

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2959_

July 21, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG3213_

July 23, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG4005_

To market with Daddy.

July 23, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG3928_

July 23, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG4191_

Here are the three on a bike photos.

Usually a very young child, as in the photo below, will stand with her/his toes under the daddy’s bottom and is sandwiched between the mom and the dad.

July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1879_

This looks like a very young baby between the two women.

July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2088_














July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2450_

Note the cell phone…

July 21, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG3192_

The woman in the following photo is holding a tiny newborn.

July 21, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG3389_

July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1795_

July 24, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG5683_

July 24, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG4951_


July 21, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG3398_

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2951_

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2949_

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2936_

In the following two photos it appears that the babies are fast asleep.

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2920_

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2913_

Four on a motorbike below.

In the following three photos see how the dad already has two children on the motorbike (one in front and one in back) and has come to pick up another daughter to be the fourth on the motorbike.

July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1869_

















July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1871_

July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1873_

July 20, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2620_














July 23, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG3969_

The driver of this motorbike is an employee of New Hope School and was my interpreter for my project.

July 16, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1304_

The following photo was taken near the children’s hospital and might be a photo of a mom holding an ill baby.

July 16, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG1017_

And finally, five on a motorbike!

 July 17, 2015for blog-motorbikes_IMG2087_