We stayed in real nice hotels (and rather expensive ones) in Myanmar. It seems that the country wants to encourage tourism and one way to do so is to have nice hotels for visitors.

In Yangon, we stayed in the Chatrium Hotel.

This is the view from my room.

November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8114_  Some lobby and common area photos.November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8117_

November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8140_

December 01, 2015for blog_IMG8773_

November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8134_

November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8132_

The dining experience!

The buffet pictured was just one of the four rooms filled with an amazing assortment of food. And this was just breakfast. In the next room was the egg station where the chef created eggs or omelets to your specs. This was a great way to begin a spectacular photo tour of Burma.

November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8124_  November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8125_         November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8121_

November 29, 2015for blog_IMG8123_

The Green Elephant was the name of the restaurant for our first lunch. The food here and all over Burma was great. We ate family style after our Burmese guide Daniel ordered the most representative meals with great variety.

December 01, 2015for blog_IMG8502_

Our Inle Lake hotel was the Golden Island Cottages. We each had an individual cabin on the water.

December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9298_

Every time we arrived from our many excursions, we were greeted with music, singing, and hot tea. 
   December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9193_


This was my cottage at Inle Lake, Golden Island Cottages.

December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9201_

One afternoon, when it was rainy and I ordered a massage in my room. That chaise was a perfect place for a massage. I even watch the masseur paddling his canoe into the hotel area from his home in the village.
December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9203_  

After dinner and a show, when I got back to my cottage, it looked like this.  December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9285_

This was the view from my little deck area or from the lounge.

December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9288_-2

These were other cottages at the hotel in Inle Lake.  December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9292_ 

This was posted in the office area of Golden Island Cottages.December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9307_


Inle Inn, Pindaya

Though these are poor photos, I want to include them to record the hotel room I stayed in in Pindaya. It tends to get cool at night in Pindaya and there is no heating so the beds are equipped with electric bed warmers on the mattress.
December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1069_

Each evening, if desired, two young girls come into the room and make a fire in the fireplace.  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1072_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1073_


Ayerwaddy View Hotel

This hotel was gracious and comfortable with a fabulous rooftop restaurant where we had dinner upon arrival and were entertained by a traditional marionette show.

December 08, 2015for blog_IMG2087_  December 08, 2015for blog_IMG2089_

December 08, 2015for blog_IMG2090_

The view from my balcony. Note the mesh over the whole balcony to keep the seagulls out. You can also see 15 or so monks across the street and of course the Ayerwaddy River.

December 08, 2015for blog_IMG2095_

Royal Park View Hotel in Pyin Oo Lyin – lovely. Too bad we were only at this hotel for one night!

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3768_

Bagan Hotel

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4520_  The view from my room.December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4521_