Giant’s Playground is a geological phenomenon formed over millions of years resulting from the erosion of sedimentary rock that now looks like giant blocks packed together. Wandering around this site is magical.

The Quiver Tree is Namibia’s national tree. It seems to be able to survive in very dry conditions.

As you scroll down note the following: A warning about getting lost, a challenge for our leader Jeremy, the hyrax, the sociable weavers and their nests and finally sunset in this beautiful place.

A the entrance to Giant’s Playground you see the information sign. Note the warning: If you get lost, do not climb over or through fences. Climb on top of a high rock and wait for someone to come find you.

The following image just brought a challenge to mind. We asked our leader Jeremy if he would climb up this rock formation and hang from it.

Jeremy accepted the challenge!

Jeremy said that especially while hanging from the rock, he could feel it moving.

The unique Quiver Tree

The Sociable Weaver builds a strange nest with entrance holes on the bottom. Here you can see two Sociable Weavers coming back to their nest.

The Hyrax is a also called a Rock Rabbit. It seems to hide in the rocks and then emerge and play.

Sunset in Quiver Tree Forest is spectacular.