This bull fighting ring is rather small and colorful. A single bull is let out into the ring as young men called razeteurs try to grab ribbons from around the bull’s horn. The young guys are dressed all in white, are very agile, and are rewarded well financially if they are successful in accumulating ribbons. They play in teams as one guy does the strategizing and the other tries to grab the ribbon.

The razeteur is often seen jumping away from the bull and up into the railing by the stands.

Each bull is in the ring for a certain amount of time before being nudged out when the next one comes in and has his turn. Below you can see this one bull kept jumping the red fence and running around in the area between the stands and the ring.

The spectators are avid, particularly this women sitting just in front of me who had a bull tattooed on her calf.

It is nice to see that the bulls are well cared for, the sport is fun but not dangerous to the bull, and the audience is enthusiastic.