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Bears are usually not seen in winter and during the spring there still are not lots of opportunities to see them. We were fortunate to see several, so...

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Beartooth Highway is only open in spring and summer as snow and ice make it too dangerous to travel on during the colder months. It is not part of Yel...

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Beartooth Highway

Bison are everywhere in Yellowstone. This is the season when there are baby bison all over in Yellowstone. They are referred to as Red Dogs. Mother Da...

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Bison in Yellowstone in Spring

Wildflowers and beautiful trees set the backdrop of Yellowstone. These images were taken in June 2021. The following images are of Bobby Socks trees! ...

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Trees & Flowers in Yellowstone

Early morning in a field in Bozeman Montana I shared this beauty and experience with a photographer friend. A glorious morning it was....

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Birds in Bozeman Montana

In mid-2011, I decided that I wanted to learn a little more about taking photographs. I had a point and shoot camera and generally took snapshots. Aft...

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About Shelly Rosenberg

During the pandemic and in winter with a big snow storm I have been able to learn about and watch birds in my front yard....

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Birds in Snow

A lensball is a clear glass ball through which you can photograph just about anything. The resulting photos are fascinating and the techniques for mak...

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Lensball Photography


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