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TRISHAW The trishaw is a hybrid of a bicycle and is seen all over Myanmar. People are very adept at loading and balancing lots of items onto one trish...

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Transportation in Myanmar

GARLIC PLANTING One garlic at a time all planted by hand. Also note the barefoot woman. When I looked carefully I could see that each bud of garlic wa...

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Hardworking Burmese

We stayed in real nice hotels (and rather expensive ones) in Myanmar. It seems that the country wants to encourage tourism and one way to do so is to ...

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Accommodations in Myanmar

PAGODAS ARE EVERYWHERE! Sule Pagoda is in the heart of downtown Yangon. It is an important space in contemporary Burmese politics, ideology, and geog...

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Customs in Myanmar

Our Burmese guide. My masseur in cafe in Heho. A woman in Heho selling wild honeycomb. This woman seemed to be overseer in a corn “factory”...

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Faces of Burma

Macro Photography is basically closeup photography. It is one of my favorite techniques. Here are some of my favorite macro photos.     Thes...

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Macro Photography

  These photos were taken on July 4, 2014 from the Baptist Hospital Parking Garage.  Scroll down to see the 2015 photos taken exactly one year l...

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Fireworks in Nashville

The Nashville Photography Club has a photo of the month contest conducted at the monthly meetings. Each month there is a theme. I have entered several...

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Photo of the Month Photos

Leading lines is a photography technique. The leading line causes the eye to follow it leading (usually) to a focal point in the photo. These first th...

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Leading Lines Photo Technique

Some of these photos were enhanced and embellished with techniques to make them look like paintings. In others I used techniques to make the image loo...

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Texture photography is created by starting with a normal photograph and the applying a texture layer over the top of the original photograph. Here is ...

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Texture Photography

Colonial Williamsburg was the site of the Herb Society conference in May 2015. Daily reenactments were amazing, realistic, and inspiring. These first ...

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Williamsburg VA – May 2015


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