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During the pandemic and in winter with a big snow storm I have been able to learn about and watch birds in my front yard....

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Birds in Snow

A lensball is a clear glass ball through which you can photograph just about anything. The resulting photos are fascinating and the techniques for mak...

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Lensball Photography

There is so much to learn, to try, to experiment with in photography – making the initial image, analyzing it, and then doing post processing ei...

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End of year creativity

Lensbaby is a manual focus lens that lends itself to creative types of photography. These images were taken with my new Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens....

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Lensbaby Photos

Kids are kids! Yes, adorable, creative, curious and great fun to photograph. See here kids in Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Tanzania, India, Cuba, Peru, ...

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Kids from Around the World

During my international travels I have been exposed to various musical performances, musical traditional events, musical instruments, and the construc...

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Music Around the World

I am fortunate to have visited all seven of the world’s continents. At this time during the worldwide pandemic I often think of all the places I...

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All 7 Continents!

In 2018, I visited Australia, but only a few select areas. I wish to return but right now I am enjoying the memories of that far away place. Actually,...

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Down Under – Australia

All these images are of sunflowers in my garden this summer. I planted six varieties but I do not believe that all of them germinated. However, the Me...

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The Mighty Sunflower

A place like none other! I traveled to PNG in 2018. It is different from anywhere in the world. Here I share some highlights. To see more visit http:/...

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Papua New Guinea highlights

I had planned to travel to Greenland with a couple of days in Iceland early this month. That brought back memories of my trip to Iceland in 2016. Here...

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Dreams of Iceland & Greenland


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