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Kuzino is a tiny river port town between St Petersburg and Moscow This first image is of a sunken church, Krokhino, which is close to the town of Kuzi...

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Kuzino, Russia

Open Air Museum of Architecture – using wood rather than stone this historic structures are fascinating. Church of the Transfiguration Note the ...

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Kizhi Island, Russia

Mandrogy, a village on the Svir River, was totally destroyed during WWII. However, in 1996, Sergei Gutzeit of Russia, decided to reconstruct the villa...

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Mandrogy, Russia

Churches, cathedrals, the city as seen from the waterways, statues – so much to see and learn Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood St IsaacR...

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St. Petersburg – misc

A lovely city to visit and probably a great place to live in the spring, summer, and fall before the cold dark winter. Central railway station Flowers...

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Miscellaneous – Helsinki

The Oodi Library in Helsinki was voted the best new library in the world for 2019. It is a truly amazing space. It is free for everyone and has featur...

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Oodi Library in Helsinki

Markets, shops, and eating venues in Helsinki are varied. September is the end of warm weather so people spend as much time outside and in the sun as ...

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Markets in Helsinki

The “Batman” building and the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge are fun to visit and photograph on a beautiful day. And, photographing this ...

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Downtown Nashville

This antique / junk yard is in White House TN on the border of Springfield TN. Fascinating! One of the first things you see is the bike on the roof!...

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Junk in White House TN

This ski village is at the top of a mountain in Tarvisio Italy With suitcases and backpacks we took this gondola to the top of the mountain This tiny ...

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Monte Santo di Lussari, Italy


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