People spend lots of time out of doors in Cuba. The weather tends to get very hot, and air conditioning is not available for all, so people sit outsid...

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People Watching in Cuba

Kids are always great photographic subjects. They are natural and open. Here are a few.                     ...

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Kids in Cuba

Boxing is a popular sport in Cuba. We witnessed a boxing practice and found the boxers to be extremely friendly. There were a few guys who recently ma...

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The Tropicana night club cabaret is a spectacular outdoor multi-media, colorful, festive event. Dazzling!                   &...

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Henna is a flowering plant, which can be used to color hair and skin. I saw numerous people with henna designs on their hands, arms, and feet. It is o...

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Many men wear turbans. There several different styles and different ways of wrapping them. Various sects have different customs and styles. And, some ...

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The Indian Turban

In Jaisalmer India there is an area near a market where shopkeepers try to use persuasive techniques to sell their products. The sheets speak for them...

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Humor Indian Style

Strolling through the spice market in Delhi offered an introduction to the bright colors of India as well as the exotic smells and street scenes. Beca...

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Spice Market in Delhi India


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