Horse milk is a precious commodity in Kyrgyzstan. We visited a horse milking farm and watched the process of milking. Mares are milked during the day ...

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Horse Milking in Kyrgyzstan

Because Central Asia borders on so many countries people’s looks are very diverse. Here I feature men I met on my trip in the area of the Silk R...

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The Central Asian Man

When I started my editing and proofreading business in 2005 I thought that I would be hired by foreign companies or individuals to proof and correct (...

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Signs in Central Asia

Watching people doing what they do (by this I am referring to their work) gives us insights into the lives and practices of the people. How do they dr...

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Working People in Central Asia

We attended three actual performances on our Central Asian adventure. The first was a private dancing family presentation. This horse show’s par...

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Performances in Central Asia

Cemeteries and other burial grounds offer insights into the culture and practices of the location. Here are some in Central Asia....

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Cemeteries in the Stans

The countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan have a dramatic architectural style where you see those beautiful domes (usually in blues and ...

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Central Asian Architecture


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