Orbs are created from photos that have certain details and interesting colors. Here are several orbs I have created since 2015

Coneflower and a Bee
Chinese Dragon – Zoolumination – Nashville 2020
Mandrogy (Russia) Flowers
Yellow Wildflowers – Hidden Pond Farm
Fall foliage in Japan 2020
Ghanain Hat Brim
Russian Goblets
Guitars at Opryland
Japanese Garden Window
Russian Matryoshka Doll
Russian Jeweled Crown
Tree wood with house and barn in distance

February 06, 2016for blogIMGP0056-Edit-orb_  February 06, 2016for blogIMGP0158-Edit-orb_-2


October 05, 2015for wordpress_IMG6681-Edit-orb of mums_

April 29, 2015for wordpressorb one_

May 03, 2015for wordpressIMGP7160-Edit-Edit_

May 13, 2015for wordpressIMGP7599-Edit_

August 26, 2009for wordpressCIMG1721-Edit_

May 03, 2015for wordpressIMGP7170-Edit_

August 24, 2013for wordpressIMGP2418-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit_

February 08, 2014for wordpressIMGP4474-Edit_edited-1_

June 20, 2013for wordpressIMGP1318-Edit_

May 03, 2015for wordpressIMGP7169-Edit_

May 03, 2015for wordpressIMGP7171-Edit_

November 10, 2014for wordpressOctober 25, 2014IMGP3318-Edit_

April 29, 2015for wordpressorb 3_

May 23, 2015for wordpressIMGP7899-Edit_



Old Pocketwatch

September 21, 2013for wordpressIMGP2756_HDR-Edit_

spools of thread

A church in the Kremlin in Moscow Russia