The birds I saw and photographed in Uganda are unique, colorful, and beautiful. This white bird is a Cattle Egret Following is a Guineafowl This is a ...

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Birds in Uganda

Check out the SALT MINE and the MOSAIC MUSEUM as well as some churches with unique interiors. There was some subtle music/sound in this salt mine as w...

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Indoor Wonders in Turkey

What a joy to meet women in Turkey. I was happy to communicate with many women though often we did not share a language. Below see images of brides an...

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The Turkish Woman

When I meet people while traveling we often do not share a language in common so gestures and smiles and words that we each know help the communicatio...

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Turkish People with Stories

These images are of men I met in various places mostly in Eastern Turkey. Note below a study of worry/prayer beads and how the Turkish men I met use t...

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Portrait of the Turkish Man

We visited a very special place where they breed these rare cats. They have pure white fur and two different colored eyes – usually one blue and...

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Turkish Cats


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