This set of images did not fit in the other categories that I created but I did not want to omit them from my blog posts. This is Richard, one of the ...

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Miscellaneous Uganda Photos

This guy is a medicine man in a rather poor village in Uganda. His services are sought by the local people and his trade is passed down from generatio...

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Interesting Ugandan People

Besides gorillas and chimpanzees, there are several other animals roaming around Uganda. Here is will post the ones I saw. I believe this is the grey-...

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Animals in Uganda

These magnificent animals are an endangered species. Fortunately the farm I visited treats them with amazingly wonderful care. We visited with them at...

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Ankole Cows

Tea – Coffee – Basket Weaving – Water – Bananas – Fishing – Quarry This is how people cut/harvest the top leaves o...

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Working in Uganda

Gorilla Ankole Cows sparring Medicine Man Tea picking Batwa village dancers Milking Ankole Cow Batwa snare in the jungle This post might take time to ...

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Videos in Uganda

I love kids and I love photographing kids from all over the world. I find it enriching and fun to engage with them even if we have no language in comm...

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Kids in Uganda

Kampala slum is disturbing but hopeful. Look at these images carefully; then look at them again. Yes, there is extreme poverty and a very low standard...

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Slum in Kampala Uganda

The birds I saw and photographed in Uganda are unique, colorful, and beautiful. This white bird is a Cattle Egret Following is a Guineafowl This is a ...

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Birds in Uganda

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