This set of images did not fit in the other categories that I created but I did not want to omit them from my blog posts.

This is Richard, one of the two drivers/local guides in Uganda. Yes he smiled and smiled and was so very helpful with everything.

This is Grace, a more serious man with an enormous amount of Ugandan information.

The wide hipped mannequins made me smile

Those squatty potties are for sale in hardware stores.

In some Ugandan villages kids practice building houses and then revising them until they are old enough to spend the night away from home and try out their handiwork.

This is the Euphorbia candelabrum tree. This is very abundant in some parts of Uganda and is beautiful.

Interesting vehicle without seat belts!

Here are a few images taken while we were on an abbreviated boat ride

I had to take this photo with the Florida sign

Our farm accommodation had a lovely pool but we had no time to enjoy it.

More in this lush farm resort

Rug in the entry way of the farm resort

A traditional dance performance by local Ugandans