Pueblos Magicos of Mexico

This post contains photos that did not seem to fit in the other categories in the Pueblos Magicos blog posts. We walked past a small folk art courtyar...

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Miscellaneous Mexican Images

We saw some incredible street art and murals in Mexico. We also saw some other interesting sights that might not be considered street art but are wort...

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On the Streets in Mexico

One of the photographers on our trip (there were 6 of us) forgot to pack sunglasses. So when we encountered a sunglass seller he started shopping for ...

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Shopping in Mexico

The people in Mexico are generally happy to have their photo taken. Often they also want to get a photo or me with them on their cell phones. We met t...

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Mexican People

A volcano seen from a distance. Hotel floral adornments from the hotel rooftop A beautiful place to have lunch and overlook the vista out in the count...

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Mexican Vistas & Floral Beauty

Kids all over the world fascinate me. Here are several I met in Mexico. These three kids kept watching us in the square and were eager for me to photo...

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Kids in Mexico

As we drove down a country road in Jalisco Mexico we spotted a field with many people working. We parked and walked into the field to find families &#...

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Tomatillo Harvesting in Mexico

Magic cities in Mexico. There are 132 cities in Mexico declared by the Mexican government as Pueblos Mágicos. These cities have been selected for the...

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Pueblos Mágicos

Blue agave plants adorn the hillsides and vistas especially in the Tequila region of Jalisco. Yes, it is used to make the popular drink Tequila....

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Agave for Tequila

Most cities we visited in Mexico have a prominent cathedral in the center of the town square. These beautiful structures can often be seen from many s...

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Cathedrals in Mexico

The town square in Mazamitla Mexico was filled with kids in costumes, parents, and teachers all celebrating the first day of spring. What a joy! I lov...

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First Day of Spring Parade

In Guadalajara in the main square we watched a Mariachi band perform. Wow the crowd was enthusiastic and very welcoming to the 6 of us. During the per...

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Mariachi in Guadalajara

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