Egypt 2022

SURPRISE! Wow was I surprised when I entered my hotel “room” at the Sheraton in Cairo. Yes, a several room suite. Unfortunately it was for...

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Accommodations in Egypt

Photos cannot show the excitement of riding in the desert up and down dunes but here are a few images. Yes, we rode down the slope here. A police R...

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Egyptian Desert & Dunes

Fortunately I had a view of the Nile River from many of my hotel rooms. Here are some. Click on any image to enlarge it....

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Nile River – Egypt

These first images are of a night time light show at Abu Simbel. This is followed by numerous carvings in temples and tombs in Egypt. Click on any ima...

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Carvings, Temples, Tombs

This is a slum in a section of Cairo where the whole city dumps their trash. But the positive side of this is that the people of the area have made a ...

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Garbage City

The Valley of the Kings is near Luxor Egypt where tombs of pharaohs and nobles were constructed during the 16th to 11th century BC. These are too beau...

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Valley of the Kings

Over the Nile River in Luxor Egypt We had to wake and be out of the hotel room at 4:15am to get to the Hot Air Balloon launching spot in time. Was it ...

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Hot Air Balloon Ride

My favorite photography subject is people. I love meeting people, talking to people even if we do not share a language, and photographing people espec...

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Egyptian People

Many Egyptian food shops have open store fronts or are carts in the streets. When we passed this bread making shop we were offered hot out of the oven...

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Shopping in Egypt

Near Cairo Egypt Birqash Camel Market is filled with hundreds if not thousands of camels and many camel traders making deals buying and selling. The p...

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Birqash Camel Market

My first morning in Egypt started with a camel ride out into the desert. It was dark, and cold, and foggy. But it was exciting, beautiful, and energiz...

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Egypt – Pyramids

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