Japan 2019

I spent almost three weeks in Japan in November 2019. It was the height of the fall foliage color. I created several posts of my adventures in Japan a...

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Japan Review

Kintaikyo BridgeKinkakuji TempleByodoin TempleFushimilnari Taisha ShrineRurikoin Temple Walking back and forth over the Kintaikyo Bridge is peaceful a...

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Iconic Japanese Sights

The geisha… We had a private photo shoot with this 17-year-old woman. She is actually a maiko, in training to be a geiko (a more authentic and p...

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The Geisha or Geiko & Maiko

Gardens are very important to the Japanese and they take special care of them. Here are a few photos of bonsais. Drying veggies by the side of the roa...

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The Japanese Garden

Here is a collection of people photos taken in different places in Japan.First: kids This little girl kept wanting to pose for photos in her cute kimo...

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People in Japan

When I first traveled to Japan I was on the lookout for women dressed in kimonos. At various locations, train stations, malls, and parks I saw a few &...

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The Kimono

There are lots of shops – many very high end – with fabulous displays or items and of food. Here though are some unique displays. This is ...

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Food & Shopping in Japan

The Digital Art Museum is an indoor light and “magic” place. It is fun for all. You could spend days exploring from one room to the next. ...

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Entertainment in Japan

The Japanese spend lots of time, energy, and effort to ensure that trees and plants remain healthy and branches do not break with the weight of snow i...

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Tree Supports in Japan

How does one select which photos to include in a post? The last two weeks of November in Japan gave the most vibrant and varied colors you could imagi...

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Fall Foliage in Japan

In Japanese lore, the crane was thought to live for 1,000 years and the Japanese refer to this bird as the “bird of happiness.” Traditionally, it ...

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This amazing mountain offers great opportunities for photographers. Here are several from different vantage points. And yes, many are without clouds....

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Mount Fuji

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