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This small private family farm is a treat to experience. Springfield TN This baby goat was just 4 days old when photographed. Sometimes when the sun i...

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Chickadee Lane Farm

Lucky Ladd Farms – Tennessee March 2024 It was a beautiful day, sunny and just the right temperature. This place is truly a tulip festival farm....

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Tulip Festival

There are so many different animals in Kenya it is a challenge to group them. Here are several. Hyena Jackal Zebra Giraffe Warthog Cheetah This animal...

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Other Animals in Masai Mara

This is sad to see but it is life in the wild. The lions seen in my previous post killed the giraffe pictured below. Then for two days the animals, al...

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The Kill at Masai Mara

The hippo is so funny to watch as they bob up and down in the water. And be sure to check out the alligator, who shares the some space with the hippos...

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The Hippopotamus in Masai Mara

During a very short visit to a Masai village close to Masai Mara we were introduced to some of the people. We were also entertained by the singers who...

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Masai Village, Kenya

The African Elephant with its African shaped ears is large and appears gentle as it moves through the fields of Masai Mara. Notice how families member...

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Elephants in Masai Mara Kenya

Sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, and beautiful skies were abundant in Masai Mara Kenya. Here are some of my favorites....

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Kenyan Skies

Birds are difficult for me to photograph but so many birds are beautiful. Here are several – all in Masai Mara in Kenya. This is the Grey Creste...

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Birds in Kenya

This set of images did not fit in the other categories that I created but I did not want to omit them from my blog posts. This is Richard, one of the ...

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Miscellaneous Uganda Photos

This guy is a medicine man in a rather poor village in Uganda. His services are sought by the local people and his trade is passed down from generatio...

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Interesting Ugandan People

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