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These creations were all made from images taken in Venice Italy during Carnivale. The twirl technique produces a creative effect....

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Venetian Transformations

Grimsey is a tiny island a three hour ferry ride north of the mainland of Iceland. It is just over two square miles of rugged country, with steep clif...

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Grimsey & the Blue Lagoon

The area around Akureyri, which is in Northern Iceland has beautiful waterfalls, is known for its fishing industry, and has numerous areas with therma...

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Northern Iceland

The Highlands in Iceland is a barely inhabitable plateau in the center of Iceland. The terrain is harsh with volcanic rock. The colors and shapes are ...

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Highlands in Iceland

Waterfalls and Basalt Lava Rock dominate the south coast of Iceland On the Black Sand Beach we see a photographer photographing a woman in a yellow dr...

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Iceland’s South Coast

One of my goals when traveling to Iceland was to see and photograph puffins. I did it. They nest in crevices and holes that they dig in the side of mo...

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A trip to Iceland usually starts in the city of Reykjavik. Here we begin with some of the iconic sites in the city. That will be followed by a collect...

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Reykjavik Iceland 2021

These images were taken at Red River Farm in Springfield TN on July 17, 2021. As I sat on the straw bale I said “Smile” and these stranger...

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Sunflower Festival

Bears are usually not seen in winter and during the spring there still are not lots of opportunities to see them. We were fortunate to see several, so...

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Beartooth Highway is only open in spring and summer as snow and ice make it too dangerous to travel on during the colder months. It is not part of Yel...

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Beartooth Highway

Bison are everywhere in Yellowstone. This is the season when there are baby bison all over in Yellowstone. They are referred to as Red Dogs. Mother Da...

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Bison in Yellowstone in Spring


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