During my first several days in Indonesia, specifically Bali, we saw and visited lots of cultural events and places but none looked like the Bali I ha...

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Bali and the Beach

In Indonesia, specifically in Bali, I saw two types of offerings. There were small basket-like objects usually made out of bamboo placed on sidewalks ...

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Offerings in Bali, Indonesia

Putting grains of rice on the face, particularly on the forehead, is believed to bring good fortune and successful harvests in Indonesia. When I arriv...

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Rice to bring good fortune

I used to do a lot of hand embroidery, crewel, and other stitching projects. Then computers were invented and I got addicted to photography so I no lo...

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Embroidery & other Wall Decor

Here are a few sets of photos with stories to explain. In front of beautiful historic buildings in large squares we encountered models in enormously l...

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Images with Stories


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