Photography Techniques

Using lighted steel wool inside a whisk and twirling it around results in quite interesting results...

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Night & Light

Macro Photography is basically closeup photography. It is one of my favorite techniques. Here are some of my favorite macro photos.     Thes...

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Macro Photography

The Nashville Photography Club has a photo of the month contest conducted at the monthly meetings. Each month there is a theme. I have entered several...

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Photo of the Month Photos

Leading lines is a photography technique. The leading line causes the eye to follow it leading (usually) to a focal point in the photo. These first th...

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Leading Lines Photo Technique

Some of these photos were enhanced and embellished with techniques to make them look like paintings. In others I used techniques to make the image loo...

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Texture photography is created by starting with a normal photograph and the applying a texture layer over the top of the original photograph. Here is ...

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Texture Photography

This is a photo technique called panning. The result is a blur that creates the feeling of movement. It takes lots of practice to get it right. But, i...

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Blur – Panning

Orbs are created from photos that have certain details and interesting colors. Here are several orbs I have created since 2015   Mums...

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