There is so much to learn, to try, to experiment with in photography – making the initial image, analyzing it, and then doing post processing either in a minor way or in a major way with all the creativity tools. Yes, photography enhances life.

The first three images were made from a photo I made of a mask

The following images all began as a photo of a calla lily


This pansy is the original photo used in the two kaleidoscope images following it

I made this photo in Oaxaca Mexico. A street vendor makes these name bracelets and is willing to make one on the spot using any name and any chosen colored thread.

This kaleidoscope was made using the above bracelet photo

This orb was made also from the bracelet photo pictured above the kaleidoscope

The following two images were made from this pink flower image

This image of a “spent” flower was the basis of the following orb image

The next photo of the fungi on the branch, is the basis of the following images.