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All these images are of sunflowers in my garden this summer. I planted six varieties but I do not believe that all of them germinated. However, the Me...

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The Mighty Sunflower

A place like none other! I traveled to PNG in 2018. It is different from anywhere in the world. Here I share some highlights. To see more visit http:/...

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Papua New Guinea highlights

I traveled to the diverse and colorful country of Myanmar on two occasions, once on a photo trip in 2015 and then in 2019 as the mission photographer ...

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Myanmar – Burma Memories

I have spent most of my time right here at home this summer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, I live in a beautiful spot. My garden and my fl...

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August at Home

Arranging flowers and other items on a reflective surface can produce interesting effects. In the following images, I have used a black stained glass ...

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Black Glass Photos

The new stay-at-home guidelines have inspired new creativity and learning. Here I will share some of my latest creations....

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The photographer has so many options to do creative things. Here I will include several techniques I have used with flowers from my garden. So photogr...

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Embellished Flowers

This technique is addictive. Just like ORBS, not all photos are good candidates for KALEIDOSCOPES. However, it is fascinating to work with photos and ...

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Kaleidoscopes Rebound

It was wonderful to photograph my neighbor’s family on mother’s day. Fortunately I could practice social distancing....

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Medley Mother’s Day

Orbs are fascinating. They are made for all sorts of photos. However not all photos can be made into pleasing orbs. Here are three samples. I have add...

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Orbs anew

My thoughts are with the Indian people especially those in densely populated areas where everyone shops daily for food because food storage does not e...

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India Revisited

As we STAY AT HOME during the Coronavirus Pandemic I have been spending time sewing masks for healthcare workers in labs and other facilities in Tenne...

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Quilting revisited


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