Guatemala 2022

This post includes images of things that just did not seem to fit in other posts for Guatemala. The first one was something that at first seemed to be...

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Miscellaneous Guatemalan Finds

The first set of images are of people in the central park in Antigua. Looks like a mom is changing her baby’s diaper. Getting colorful extension...

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On the Streets of Guatemala

When first seeing this, it was impossible to imagine what it was. Then we saw these. And right next to the laundry area with several women scrubbing a...

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Doing Laundry in Guatemala

This is a collection of images of the Guatemalan. Many of the people are at work in flower markets or vegetable markets or in their homes both indoors...

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The Guatemalans

There are indoor and outdoor markets and some are exclusively produce markets. The man on the right is Jim, our photo tour leader. He has been traveli...

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Produce Markets

A huipil is a traditional blouse worn by Mayan women in Guatemala. They are hand made with elaborate embroidery and weaving. There is much symbolism a...

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The Huipil

Volcanos and mountains create scenic beauty in Guatemala. And, Lake Atitlan is said to be the most beautiful lake in the world. The first image is tak...

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Scenic Guatemala

The close relationships between family members is very apparent in all the places I visited in Guatemala. Just look at the kids with their mom or dad ...

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Kids in Guatemala

Our hotel in Antigua had several courtyards surrounded by artwork done by a local artist who was painting some of the time. Weaving and textiles are a...

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Arts & Crafts in Guatemala

Head carrying is common in Guatemala. It is quite amazing to see people (more women than men) using their heads to carry large, heavy bundles. But as ...

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Carrying in Guatemala

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