Namibia 2022

The lion, the leopard, and the cheetah are the big cats. What magnificent critters! The following are images taken in sequence as this male lion wakes...

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Big Cats in Namibia

This post includes images that did not fit into the other posts. I was walking past a stone wall next to a church and looked up to see this dog standi...

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This & That in Namibia

Cape Fox, Dik Dik, Hyena, Impala, Kudu, Oryx, Rhino, Springbok, Steenbok, Jackal, Baboon, and Eland are all animals found in Namibia. I feel fortunate...

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A Dozen More Namibian Animals

Sunsets all over the world are beautiful. But sunsets in Namibia are magnificent. Often you watch the sun as it descends from the sky and finally goes...

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Sunsets in Namibia

One way to tell the desert adapted elephant from other elephants is the shape of their ears. Yes, they are in the shape of Africa. Watching elephants ...

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Elephants in Namibia

Yes they are tall. Animals in the desert are more easily seen at watering holes – places they must visit to stay alive. I love the pose the tall...

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The Tall Giraffe

Iconic tall red dunes are fabulous to photograph from very early in the morning and for a few more hours. As the sun rises and hits the dunes at diffe...

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I am excited when I see different animals in a single scene. There is something peaceful in those sights. Here are several images of animals living an...

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Animals in Harmony

Deadvlei is magical. There are numerous dark, dead camel thorn trees in the white pan area, with dunes in the background. Why wake up before sunr...

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Colorful and different is how I can describe the birds in Namibia. Some I have seen in other parts of Africa; some I have not. Birds can often be diff...

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Birds in Namibia

The Himba people are a nomadic indigenous tribe of about 50,000 who live in northern Namibia. The people live in harmony with their goats and sheep bu...

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Himba Tribe – Namibia

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