Morocco 2023

When traveling abroad some of the most interesting places are the hotels and restaurants. Often hotels are created from former mansions or historic bu...

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Accommodations in Morocco

This experience cannot be fully “enjoyed” without being there and smelling the air from the process. note the drying skins The guy below j...

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Leather Dying in Morocco

Jews have lived in Morocco since ancient times. Until the mid 1900s there were as many as 350,000 Jews living in Morocco. But since then, and since th...

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Jews in Morocco

One of my favorite parts of international travel is observing and interacting with local people whether they are working, playing, shopping, strolling...

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People in Morocco

It seems that we see wall art all over the world. Here I have captured some of the art I saw on walls in the streets of Morocco. The owner of this sho...

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Street & Wall Art

Souk is an Arab market. Here are several images of souks and items for sale. Often the souks are in crowded areas that seem to have like items in one ...

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Souk – Markets in Morocco

The desert is just another world. I love the sand, the wide open spaces, the ripples in the sand from the wind, the camels, and the camps. We enjoyed ...

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The Desert in Morocco

This botanical garden was designed over forty years by French Orientalist artist Jacques Majorelle. It is a landscape museum in the city of Marrakech,...

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Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech

Berbers are nomadic groups of indigenous people who live in communities across the northern parts of Africa. We were fortunate to spend time with...

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I love watching crafts people creating useful items or decorative pieces. Here are several of my favorite images of crafts people and some images of f...

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Buildings, stores, homes, museums, etc. in Morocco all have a very unique style and look. The colors are also quite distinct. Here are some examples o...

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Architecture in Morocco

Photographing the Moroccan people is rather tricky. Some people, especially women, do not want their photos taken. This is more common in small villag...

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Portrait of the Moroccan

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