Burma – Myanmar

I traveled to the diverse and colorful country of Myanmar on two occasions, once on a photo trip in 2015 and then in 2019 as the mission photographer ...

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Myanmar – Burma Memories

While riding around Bagan, we spotted some farmers harvesting sesame seeds. Wow, were we lucky to have such a majestic background.           Our ...

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Bagan, Myanmar

I took my first ever hot air balloon ride in Bagan Myanmar. We had to but up and out very early because the balloons must fly before the wind picks up...

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Balloons Over Bagan

PYIN OO LWIN Flower Market On our way to Pyin Oo Lwin, we stopped at a wholesale flower market, located between two lanes of the highway. Flowers, esp...

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Pyin Oo Lwin

  Our lovely hotel in Mandalay is the  Ayerwaddy View Hotel. This is the view from my balcony. (Note the mesh or netting – used to keep th...

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Mandalay – Myanmar

Pindaya On our way to Pindaya we stopped at a small market.         Then farther on we passed through areas of open fields and farms with various ...

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Pindaya, Myanmar

The Padong Women are the long necked women. They live in a small village but come into Inle Lake area to a weaving shop each day where they weave and ...

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Padong Women

Inle Lake was one of my favorite parts of our Myanmar trip. We boarded two long tail cargo canoes (for us and our luggage) to get to our hotel. The ca...

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Inle Lake – Myanmar 2015

There are monks and monasteries all over Myanmar. Here is an old wooden monastery, Shwe Yaunghwe. The young monks are called novices. Every Buddhist...

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Monks and Monasteries

TRISHAW The trishaw is a hybrid of a bicycle and is seen all over Myanmar. People are very adept at loading and balancing lots of items onto one trish...

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Transportation in Myanmar

GARLIC PLANTING One garlic at a time all planted by hand. Also note the barefoot woman. When I looked carefully I could see that each bud of garlic wa...

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Hardworking Burmese

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