While riding around Bagan, we spotted some farmers harvesting sesame seeds. Wow, were we lucky to have such a majestic background.

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4250_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4261_

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4280_       December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4264_

Our next stop was Khay-min-gha. Here we walked among the leaning and the restored pagodas.

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4305_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4307_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4308_   December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4311_

We then met the “Keeper of the Keys” (to the small pagoda) who is known for her ever-present charoot and coconut shell ash catcher.

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4312_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4331_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4335_

She then introduced us to her granddaughter and they posed for us next to the Buddha in the temple.

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4342_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4346_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4347_

The market at Nyaing Oo

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4378_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4393_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4402_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4404_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4405_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4407_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4418_

I am not sure if this woman was just emptying the water after cleaning the chickens or she was washing her feet.

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4389_

You have to love the combination of fabrics and patterns in the outfits.

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4427_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4442_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4454_


December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4456_ 

Another interesting and colorful outfit.  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4458_

I do not remember actually seeing this.

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4419_

These two women were fast asleep but when I took my first photo the one woman woke up and smiled!

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4430_

Ananda Pagoda

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4535_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4542_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4548_

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4553_

We went to Bulethee Pagoda to view the sunset from there. As you can see people have climbed up to get a better view of the sunset in Bagan.

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4583_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4588_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4617_

On our way into a restaurant, we saw these umbrellas in front of a shop.

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4631_

This is   Nanda Puppet Theatre, where we ate dinner and watched an excellent marionette show.

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4663_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4675_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4685_     December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4687_

Nyaung Oo Township – a rural village outside of Bagan

The water supply is so scarce that farmers have to come to this water station twice a week to pick up water for home, personal, and farm use.

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4866_  Each waiting his turn.December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4853_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4864_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4868_  December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4869_              December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4873_

And finally an interesting look at an ox cart wheel.

December 13, 2015for blog_IMG4859_

Mt Popa

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG4932_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG4959_

In this town the monkeys rule… They were quite aggressive and seemed very dirty.December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5005_

My shoulder hurts just looking at this. December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5037_

We had lunch at an elegant restaurant with a great view of Mt Popa and an entertaining elephant at the entrance.

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5052_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5057_

This is Sulemani Pagoda (circa 1182) and a monk who was a pleasure to photograph.

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5412_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5460_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5470_

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5471_

Inside of Sulemani Pagoda there are beautiful frescos and seated Buddhas.

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5507_

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5516_

Here we encountered a herd of oxen being herded in front of Sulemani Pagoda.

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5534_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5542_

In New Bagan we visited Manua Paya with the very large reclining Buddha cramped into a tiny building. Manua was the Mon king imprisoned here by King Anawratha. His Buddha in Prison Paya demonstrated his feelings.

Notice that from one direction the Buddha looks to be smiling but from the other direction you see a frown.

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5571_  December 15, 2015for blog_IMG5616_

Some final photos in Bagan.

December 15, 2015for blog_IMG5691_  December 15, 2015for blog_IMG5696_  December 15, 2015for blog_IMG5709_  December 15, 2015for blog_IMG5716_