July 20 2015

Here are some sights from a morning walk in Phnom Penh. As we were near the temple (pictured first) we saw numerous monks in the surrounding streets. They seem to try to avoid eye contact but are not always successful! We watched a group of them in a market area going from market to market or shop to shop, lining up outside the shop and saying a prayer there to bring good karma to the shop. We then watched the shop owner come out and give each one some money. They then went to another shop.
July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2477_

July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2646_    July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2588_   July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2572_   July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2641_

The man in the dark hat and jacket is a cyclo driver but one who sticks out from the crowd. He kept a smile on his face and was dressed in immaculate and amazingly well tailored clothes.

 July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2489_


Here are some more interesting characters who were very willing to pose for photos.

    July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2614_   July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2501_   July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2634_


Yet another fully loaded motor bike!

July 20, 2015- FB_IMG2620_