I met this blind girl who studies English at the New Hope School. She is 22 years old. She is the fifth child of eleven children, six of whom are blind and is from a remote village. She said that she was able to see as a young child but lost her sight at about 15. She is studying to be able to teach other blind children in Cambodia. She is sponsored by an organization that helps the disabled. They help her with her housing, transportation, and daily needs.

The staff at New Hope said that she is one of the best students of English. Here she is in a classroom.

July 16, 2015for blog-blind_IMG1336_

Here she is using a device to create notes in braille.

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There always seemed to be someone (other student or teacher) ready to escort her to wherever she needed to go.

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After her class, she would stand across the street from the school waiting for her ride to pick her up.

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