New Hope Cambodia (see other post) sponsors many of the families from this poor village. Many of the children attend the New Hope School. When I asked one little boy, who spoke English quite well, why he did not go to school that day, he told me that his older brother’s bike broke so he had no way to get to school.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1510_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1511_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1558_



As we approached the people in the village, we saw that someone had tied a string around this crab’s leg so it could be a toy for a child.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1506_


July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1567_

We then saw this child with a real toy. One of the few toys we saw in all of Cambodia.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1521_

Here we talked with some children who showed us the new puppies that had recently been born. I am sure there is no such thing as dog food there. Dogs must have to just fend for themselves and find food from garbage.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1638_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1621_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1613_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1606_

This next sequence of photos nearly broke my heart. Take note of the old woman, with the shaved head, indicating that she is a widow.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1527_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1642_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1668_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1671_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1672_

We were heartily invited into people’s homes, though few spoke any English. This first photo shows a woman who was crocheting a hat. Note the TV in her house.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1541_

And another house with a TV. Yes, this village has electricity.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1554_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1588_


July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1597_

The girl writing is about nine. She seemed very bright and eager to be part of whatever was going on. She had already taken lots of responsibility for caring for her younger siblings. And, it seems that she will probably have another sibling soon.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1687_

This mom and grandmother were looking for lice in the young girl’s hair.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1645_

Again the ever present hammock. This guy did not wake up with I went in and took this photo.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1611_

This is the water pump for the village. Just to the left of the photo is a water filtration system. The idea is that after pumping the water, it should be poured into the filtration system to be cleaned. Much of the illness in Cambodia, especially in children, comes from contaminated water. However, we did not see anyone filtering the water. In fact, in one photo you can see our interpreter helping a village woman carry water to her house. And, the children had a good time playing in the bucket after water had been pumped.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1647_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1653_
July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1658_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1677_

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1694_

While we were in the village, the ice cream man came and rang his bell. Karl bought ice cream for any of the children in the village who wanted it.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1738_ July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1759_

This child waved a special “good bye” to us.

July 17, 2015poor village_IMG1786_