Several members of the Nashville Photography Club traveled to Cave-In-Rock IL for a weekend of photography and fun on Friday the 23rd. We stayed in cabins in the Cave-In-Rock park. Some members showed up on Saturday, stayed in other locations, or just came up for the day. One of the first things we spotted was an eagle, and then another one. Here is a photo (from far away) from our deck. BTW, Kenna and I had the cabin with the deck with the best view.

October 16, 2015for blog_IMG7104_

Here you can see a barge moving down the Ohio River. The far side of the river is Kentucky.

October 16, 2015for blog_IMG7109_

This is just outside the “cave in the rock.” The trees on top give you a perspective of the enormous size of the rock.

October 16, 2015for blog_IMG7112_

The entrance to the cave is below. We all tried to figure out how anyone could write the graffiti on the ceiling of the cave entrance. One person said that sometimes the water level is high and maybe they just paddled a canoe into the cave during high water and were able to reach it that way.

October 16, 2015for blog_IMG7120_

Jeanette walking into the cave.

October 16, 2015for blog_IMG7121_

Inside the cave. It is quite a large area and the rock walls are colorful and interesting.

October 16, 2015for blog_IMG7123cave in rock_

Saturday morning we were greeted with this beautiful sunrise. We just kept clicking away. One minute it was just more beautiful than the previous minute.

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7185_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7208_

Garden of the Gods. It is a small 1/4 mile loop around but the views and rock formations are impressive. Also, as it is fall, there was the color of the changing leaves.

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7214_

I encountered this beautiful little girl hiking with her parents. She was delighted to pose for me. What a sweetie!

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7223_

Kenna, my roommate, was a great subject. Check out all that she is doing. Her photos are really good!!!

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7241_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7255_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7275_

Later in the day there were more and more people on the tops of these formations. But we got there early before the crowds.

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7285_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7287_

Here is Brent Wright showing off some of his Yoga moves. And yes, he is at the edge! Trudy looked a bit nervous.

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7292_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7296_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7301_

Kenna and Doug trying to get the perfect photo. Doug was the one who suggested this tour location. Great suggestions.

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7313_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7322_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7323_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7332_

Great textures in the walls at Garden of the Gods.

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7398_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7415_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7359_

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We went back to Garden of the Gods in the afternoon to get some different light. We found the light but also dogs and lots of people.

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Here is Bob, climbing deep into the rocks to get the best angle.

Shelly Rosenberg {Date (Month DD, YYYY)»}{Filename»}-13

After dinner, we went to Ponds Hollow Lake, where we had had a lunch picnic. But this time we waited until dark and took some pyrotechnic photos. Thanks Bob and Brent for creating such great photo opportunities, and such laughter. (You had to be there.)

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7442_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7449_

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7454_

By this time is was VERY COLD but we had to do the celestial shots. I was really happy to get the Milky Way.

October 17, 2015for blog_IMG7462_

Sunday morning’s sunrise was quite different from the Saturday one, but beautiful too.

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7474_

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7492_

The town of Cave-In-Rock is adorable. Painted bikes, painted benches, Halloween decorations, flowers, quaintness all around.

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7496_

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7507_

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7510_

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7512_

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7521_

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7535_

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We had several meals at Rose’s – one of two or three places to eat in Cave-In-Rock. Meals were about $4 each including beverages!

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7582_

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7584_

Time for departure. This is the ramp to the ferry. As you can see, the ferry, which runs back and forth all day, and has a capacity of about 9 vehicles, was on its way back to pick us up. There is no cost to take the ferry. We wondered who pays for the maintenance and the “crew.”

October 18, 2015for blog_IMG7587_

All in all, a great weekend. It is worth the visit.