The trishaw is a hybrid of a bicycle and is seen all over Myanmar. People are very adept at loading and balancing lots of items onto one trishaw.

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I got a taxi on my first morning in Yangon Myanmar to go to Sule Pagoda. Yes, cars ride on the right side of the street BUT the steering wheels in the cars are also on the right side. There is lots of traffic in the city of Yangon! Most cars are imported into Myanmar from Japan and are second hand; however, they mostly are in great condition. The most popular makes are Honda (lots of Fits) and Toyota. Because there is no such thing as car insurance, and repair costs are high people drive carefully resulting in few accidents (so I was told).

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At the Ayerwaddy River Delta where we saw the stevedores unloading goods, we also saw commuters from the Delta streaming into the city on swallowtail boats, now powered by clanging Chinese diesels.

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This truck was filled with baskets of melons.

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This is the mode of transportation for most people on Inle Lake. Some people also just used canoes with oars and not motors.

December 03, 2015for blog_IMG9346_  Umbrellas are used to keep out the rain but are also used to protect from wind and sun so colorful umbrellas are seen on most boats in Inle.

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Talk about a traffic jam… How do they ever get their boat out?

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The children learn early how to hold on when Daddy or Mommy takes them on the motorbike.

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There are not as many motorbikes in Myanmar as there are in Cambodia but you still sometimes see whole families on a bike.

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It is amazing how much the Burmese can get onto a bike and how well they learn to balance the load.

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