On our way to Pindaya we stopped at a small market.

December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0928_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0937_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0938_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0945_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0953_

Then farther on we passed through areas of open fields and farms with various crops.

December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0955_

Then we spotted an ox cart and a woman and her son tending the cauliflower crop.

December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0978_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0964_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0963_

Next we saw young boys tending to their families’ water buffaloes. We were able to get them to perform some acrobatic stunts for us to photograph and enjoy.

December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0984_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0998_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0999_   December 06, 2015for blog_IMG0988_

It was about 4:30 in the afternoon so we knew it was quitting time for the farmers. Hence, we looked on dirt roads and obscure locations and got lucky to find these farmers after a hard day of work.

December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1037_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1040_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1046_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1053_

On our first morning in Pindaya, we first went to the path toward the sacred caves of Pindaya with the great Banyan trees. These trees were planted to provide shelter to pilgrims visiting the caves. Can you see the golden stupas through the trees?

December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1081_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1102_

Here are some more Banyon tree photos. Note how a concrete support has been erected to hold the huge branches of the Banyon tree.

December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1649_

This little girl and her brother were climbing the Banyon tree and having a blast. Their mom did not seem as worried as I would be!
December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1762_  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1778_

These horse drawn carriages are used as taxis.

December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1852_

On the walk back toward the hotel, there were several people washing clothes in the lake. Though the area seemed to have some nice homes, most homes do not have running water, only some water collected from the rain and stored in tanks. So, people go to the lake to bathe and to wash clothes.

December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1135_

A view of the lake with stupas in the background.
December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1118_

Pindaya Cave (where the Shan prince prepares to dispatch the spider with a magic arrow) houses 8,999 statues/representations, of the Buddha. A fascinating place!

December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1150_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1176_  December 06, 2015for blog_IMG1206_

On a drive in the country we saw a man plowing a whole field the old fashioned way.

December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1458_

We shopped for cookies that Daniel and Don (our guides) knew that a toothless old woman in the village of Danu really enjoyed last year. We went to the village and to the home of this old woman and found out that she had died five months ago at the age of 105. Don gave her family a photo of the woman and family taken last year. Daniel distributed the cookies to the children.

December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1488_  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1518_

After taking a photo of a couple of the children, they all wanted to pose for photos and see them on the LCD of my camera. Go to the Faces of Burma post to see those photos.

Across the street I watched a woman harvesting her crop. She had her basket set just right to toss them into it.

December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1490_

On our way out of Pindaya, we drove through the rolling hills Somerset and came upon oxcarts lined up to transfer cauliflower to 35′ tractor trailers.

December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1974_ - Copy  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1903_ - Copy  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1911_ - Copy

December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1966_ - CopyWe also found groups of men and (mostly) women thrashing dried sesame plants and rice by making a pile over a tarp and beating the plants with sticks. This is unirragated “mountain rice,” which yields one crop per year.

December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1959_  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1980_  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG2027_ December 07, 2015for blog_IMG2067_  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG2050_  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG2036_  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG2030_  December 07, 2015for blog_IMG1984_