Flower Market

On our way to Pyin Oo Lwin, we stopped at a wholesale flower market, located between two lanes of the highway. Flowers, especially yellow mums and roses are grown in the cool hills around Pyin Oo Lwin, then tied to motorbikes for the trip down to this location. Buyers, also on motorbikes, ride out from the city to make their purchases.

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As we arrived in Pyin Oo Lwin we heard and spotted a Donation Ceremony at a small monastery. Trucks and vans were decorated with 1000 kyat notes, a couple of rock musicians were singing, and playing music, the organization leaders were throwing money to the crowd, and men were dancing. We joined in and then the women began to dance too. Everyone was having a wonderful time. The objective of this sort of ceremony is to raise money for the monastery. It was difficult to leave this festive gathering.

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At Myaing Gyi Monastery were found novices sweeping the yard and hanging laundry!

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3697_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3710_

This is Aung Htu Kan Tha Paya, an ornate a very new structure built by the junta to house the Reluctant Buddha “who had falled off a truck enroute to China and resisted all efforts to be reloaded.”

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3764_


This woman was embarrassed but flattered to have her photo taken.

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3850_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3858_

Shelling beans and talking on a cell phone!

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The universal peace sign.December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3897_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3902_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3905_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3912_  Another embarrassed but flattered woman.December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3921_  The sewing skills are amazing. No patterns. No electric sewing machines.December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3927_

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3957_

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3932_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3933_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3937_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3938_  December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3941_ December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3928_

This is a menu in the cafe in the marketplace.


December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3974_

It was just before Christmas. Though Christmas is not widely celebrated in Myanmar, there were several reminders that it Christmas was just days away.

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3983_

This family is heading home after shopping.

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3995_

And this was our transportation after visiting the market.

December 11, 2015for blog_IMG3978_