I took my first ever hot air balloon ride in Bagan Myanmar. We had to but up and out very early because the balloons must fly before the wind picks up. December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4091_

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4097_

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4116_

This is another balloon that took off about the same time as we did. Note the GoPro! The pilots have installed them to take photos of the passengers during the ride. December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4211_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4197_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4194_  December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4158_     December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4133_The pilot can control the altitude by increasing or decreasing the burning of the fuel. However, the wind is the only thing that can determine the direction the balloon goes in. So, it was interesting how the ground crew AND the vendors found us so quickly as we landed. Of course there is phone communication for the ground crew.

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4224_ 

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4240_

And, the traditional champagne breakfast was served to us.

December 12, 2015for blog_IMG4239_

Two days later we went to Schwe San Daw Pagoda and climbed to the third level (yikes) to photograph the sunrise and the Balloons Over Bagan from afar.

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5325_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5339_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5367_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5375_  December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5390_

Yes, the steps were rather steep and scary but the railing made it doable. What a beautiful morning!

December 14, 2015for blog_IMG5397_