Besides the “Big 5,” there are lots of large animals in Tanzania. Below see the hippopotamus, warthog, topi, common waterbuck, and giraffe.

View the Migration post to see the zebra, wildebeest, and gazelle.


March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2207_

The hippo! The hippo is enormous.

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP2443_  March 22, 2016for blog_XXX7512_ 

They are nocturnal animals so they sleep in the day. We went to see them in this “hippo pool.” There are hundreds that go to that sleeping place every day. Yes, they seem to cuddle and use each other as pillows.

March 23, 2016for blog_XXX7635_  March 23, 2016for blog_XXX7644_

March 23, 2016for blog_XXX7636_

And in the last photo you can see a mama with her baby.

Enjoy the photos folks but I can tell you it was almost unbearable to view them and stay long enough to take these photos. The smells are worse than almost anything I have ever smelled. As our guide told us, the hippo pool is a bedroom and a bathroom all in one!


March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3217_


March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1194_  March 15, 2016for blogIMGP1105_

As you can see in the following photos, the warthog loves to wallow in the mud. But so do many other animals. I hear that it cools them off.

March 19, 2016for blogIMGP5118_  March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3215_


March 21, 2016for blog_XXX7407_

March 16, 2016for blogIMGP3221_

Common Waterbuck

March 13, 2016for blogIMGP0400_  March 13, 2016for blogIMGP0405_


March 14, 2016for blogIMGP1014_  March 14, 2016for blogIMGP1044_  March 17, 2016for blog_IMG6736_  March 17, 2016for blogIMGP3670_  March 18, 2016for blogIMGP4402_  March 21, 2016for blogQQQQ5678_  March 22, 2016for blogQQQQ5818_  March 23, 2016for blog_XXX7589_