Iceland is truly the land of fire and ice. It is enchanting, beautiful, varied, and feels like what I would imagine the moon is like.

Slideshow of beautiful Iceland. Followed by individual photos.



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We noted that the interior of Iceland is barren land composed mostly of lava rock for miles and miles over hills and mountains. But then, all of a sudden just at the riverbed, which was basically dry at the time, we encountered these lavender beauties. These flowers are called Arctic River Beauties.   August 03, 2016for blog_XXX0292_  August 03, 2016for blog_XXX0323_  August 03, 2016for blog_XXX0325_  August 03, 2016for blog_XXX0327_  August 03, 2016for blog_XXX0382_  August 03, 2016for blog_XXX0522_  August 05, 2016for blog_XXX0821_  August 06, 2016for blog_XXX1226_

This is a fumarole (an opening in or near a volcano, through which hot sulfurous gases emerge)
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In Iceland we saw cows, horses, a couple of roosters, and lots of Icelandic Sheep on the countryside. But, most of the time when trying to get a photo of a sheep, we were presented with their back end. Occasionally, we got lucky with one looking at the camera!

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Here is one of the surprise rainbows.     July 31, 2016for blog_XXX9353_

Though we experienced lots of rain, there were lots of rainbows that followed the rain.
July 31, 2016for blog_XXX9534_

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