The Surma village people use lip plates as well as other adornments. They remove the lip plate to eat and to be able to speak clearly.

The men and the women practice body scarification as another means of adornment.



They  use leaves and flowers from the surrounding area and feathers from local birds, plants, and animals.

Face and body painting are their main adornments.



The village children play by the river.


Note the scarification in the photo below.






Mama and baby…


The following photos are of another Surma village. These first two photos show our group walking on the path to the village from the rather rough road. The walk took about 15 minutes so you can see that the village is quite remote.

A most bizarre woman.

Adornment with whatever is available.























Yes, this is what the lip looks like when the lip plate is removed.

Fascinating to see what she (and others below) used to adorn and stretch the earlobe.






Note that the bottom center two teeth are removed to accommodate the lip plate.

This is how the village people prepare sorghum.

Note the matching haircut styles.







This woman is holding some sort of musical instrument.


She is smoking something…