While searching for and photographing murals in downtown Nashville, it was impossible to avoid some of the other attractions in this fascinating city.

A unique “Museum Hotel” called 21C is a sight to behold. Next time I will plan to spend at least a half a day there.

Because I met the owner of this hotel in Antarctica I wonder if the penguins scattered around the hotel were inspired by her time in South Georgia, Antarctica, and the Falkland Islands.

A stroll through the Arcade…

Not quite a mural but a uniquely Nashville scene

The Bobby Bus Hotel and Lounge

A bachelorette party?

The Batman building

Batman Building in Kaleidoscope

Batman Building in Orb

Wall Decor in the Library Cafe – A Music City Guitar

Same guitar in Kaleidoscope

Another decorative guitar

Beautiful building with an orb of the building below

A reflection in the front of the new 501 Building

How to keep people from peeking in your windows….

This guy was enjoying the day too

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