This aviation museum is located in Tullahoma TN. It is a beautiful, pristine place with several hangars. It is tastefully furnished and the small planes are displayed so that each one is easily viewed. However, even with the well placed planes in the display areas, it is difficult if not impossible to photograph a single plane without another plane or other distraction in the background.

I used some techniques to help isolate the planes from the background. In the case of the following image, only the plane is in color.

The next image is the above image with the complete background omitted. I then created a shadow.

Again the background is in black and white with a vignette surrounding the image.

The following is an orb made from the above image.

And the next image is a kaleidoscope made from the same image as the orb.

There are several interesting aviation items around the perimeter of the hangars.

In the library, there is this beautiful music or book stand. I applied a texturing technique to enhance this image.

And in the below image I created an orb using the textured image above but applied an additional texture.