This post includes images that did not fit into the other posts.

I was walking past a stone wall next to a church and looked up to see this dog standing in the perfect place and stance for a great photo. Thanks puppy!

Then his friend joined him.

An abandoned old outhouse, or as our leader calls it, an outdoor loo.

A pretty church

One of our hotels with a great view

The Namib Sand Sea commemorative sign

One of our hotels. Each “accommodation” is a double roomed hut.

Slide looking thing is a solar panel to heat shower water.

Acacia tree

Namib Dune Gecko

When you zoom in to see the makeup of the sand you will see jewels of every color

Site of our dune ride

Along the Skeleton Coast

Zeila Shipwreck along the Skeleton Coast

Donkey Cart kicking up Namibian Desert dust

Interesting tree at one of our hotels

Termite Mound – as soon all over Africa