This is a collection of images of the Guatemalan. Many of the people are at work in flower markets or vegetable markets or in their homes both indoors and out.

This group of ladies are making tortillas.

This interesting guy did not even move – he was just contemplating and staring. Note the tattoo (or shopping list) on his hand.

Most merchants selling fabrics are selling items made by their family members. Often in big families many people (usually women) do the weaving and sewing and the most persuasive one is the sales person who goes on the street or into the market to do the selling.

This outdoor flower market in Chichicastenango is a flurry of activity that begins earlier than 6am.

People approaching the Chichi market as the sun rises

This is a family’s backyard tortilla making area.

This family makes woven clothing, table runners, and purses. We were graciously welcomed into their home.