In Indonesia, specifically in Bali, I saw two types of offerings. There were small basket-like objects usually made out of bamboo placed on sidewalks or corners of buildings or just about anywhere. They include flowers or just petals, rice, fruits, incense, spices, and sometimes a cigarette. These offerings are used as a gesture of gratitude and are said to bring the gods down to the land and to protect the people. Actually the word Bali means “island of offering.”

The second sort of offerings we saw were huge baskets or heaps of fruits and vegetables, cakes and other sweets, and other items that women transported to temples during holy festivals. They carried these on their heads and placed them on stage like areas in the temples.

Here inside the temple you can see the many offerings displayed during this August festival.

Following are additional images of several sorts of offerings seen in Bali.

Additionally, families practice offerings and blessings in home shrines.

I did find out that the large bundled offerings are taken back home for the family members to consume after the festivals.