This market in Battambang in the early morning is filled with vendors and shoppers (and some photographers). It is amazing how many people are ready to sell so many items. Also note that vendors have their children with them in the market.

July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3927_

I got a big kick out of this manikin.


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3610_

Did I surprise her with my camera? Also, check out the cleaver.


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3646_

Shredding coconuts


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3692_

This part of the market is indoors and seems to be there permanently as opposed to being brought out daily.


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3720_

note the scale


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3724_

This child is learning the universal greeting pose in Cambodia.


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3746_

Not sure what this is but it does make a pretty picture.


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3784_

I wonder what this mom is feeding the child…surely not chicken! Maybe chicken soup.


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3810_

shoes shoes shoes


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3821_

The US dollar is the preferred form of currency but you see the Cambodian Riel. In fact, when you pay with US dollars, if there is change, you will get it in Riels. The Cambodians want the dollar but it must be new, crisp, unmarked, and not torn. Coins are not used (US or Cambodian).

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July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3981_

The skirt I should have bought!


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3710_

Look familiar?


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3653_

Note the hats and long sleeved shirts worn by all the women. And, it was HOT and humid.

July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3781_

probably chicken soup

July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3771_

July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3795_

I think she is making a form of sticky rice.



July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3866_

Lovely smile and nice looking bread.


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3892_

I only saw a few babies with bottles.

July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3888_

Note the thongs and the thong socks!


July 23, 2015for blog_IMG3934_

I saw many many people with cell phones… it is actually a status symbol!