Here are several photos of different types of labor.

The first is a guy doing knife sharpening.

 July 23, 2015labor_IMG4123_    July 23, 2015labor_IMG4109_

This process of making the rice pastry wrappings for springrolls is quite elaborate. I could not even begin to elaborate but it was fascinating. They are ladled out, cooked, dried, etc. and then they are taken across the street to another little shop where the fillings are put in and the springrolls are formed.

July 23, 2015labor_IMG4210_               July 23, 2015labor_IMG4206_      July 23, 2015labor_IMG4200_   July 23, 2015labor_IMG4216_

Fishing is a big industry in Cambodia. Here are a few photos of a fish factory where they sort fish, make fish paste and other fish items. Along the street in the section of town there are rows and rows of tables and boards where fish are laid to dry. The whole area including the street smells awful! Someone said you eventually get used to the smell. I did not.

July 23, 2015labor_IMG4181_   July 23, 2015labor_IMG4177_July 23, 2015labor_IMG4186_


A shop filled with engines and a worker posing for us.

July 24, 2015labor_IMG5392_ July 24, 2015labor_IMG5388_ July 24, 2015labor_IMG5384_-2

Sewing machine sales and repair shop. I have a Brother sewing machine so this interested me. My machine is much newer than any I saw in this shop. It seems that most machines (sewing another others) are continually repaired. I did not think I saw anything new.

July 24, 2015labor_IMG5420_

July 24, 2015labor_IMG5411_  July 24, 2015labor_IMG5416_July 24, 2015labor_IMG5408_

The ice factory was amazing. The action was very fast, looked mighty dangerous, and had some very young workers.

July 23, 2015labor_IMG4330_            July 23, 2015labor_IMG4255_       July 23, 2015labor_IMG4259_         July 23, 2015labor_IMG4354_

Below, the slabs of ice are being loaded onto a truck for delivery.


July 23, 2015labor_IMG4286_      July 23, 2015labor_IMG4387_


Another three machine shops. I do not know what this first guy was doing but it was impressive.

July 23, 2015labor_IMG4458_ July 23, 2015labor_IMG4453_ July 23, 2015labor_IMG4434_ July 23, 2015labor_IMG4408_


July 24, 2015more labor_IMG5464_    July 24, 2015more labor_IMG5468_     July 24, 2015more labor_IMG5470_


The rice factory was quite an elaborate operations. I was particularly amused by how these guys used t-shirts as head protection!

July 24, 2015labor_IMG5303_      July 24, 2015labor_IMG5268_          July 24, 2015labor_IMG5310_    July 24, 2015labor_IMG5308_        July 24, 2015labor_IMG5274_        July 24, 2015labor_IMG5263-Edit_   July 24, 2015labor_IMG5330_

July 24, 2015labor_IMG5256_