Apsara dancing is an ancient dance form in Cambodia. Dancers today are attempting to bring back the dance. These first photos are of Apsara dancers posing with tourists at Angkor Wat.

July 12, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG9382_  July 12, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG9399_   July 12, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG9402_   July 12, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG9404_     July 12, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG9403_

On July 15th, after an incredibly busy day, we were treated to dinner and our private Apsara Dance presentation at Karl and Pouv’s beautiful home in the outdoor “theatre,” with live music, a singer, numerous Apsara dancers all in traditional dress and makeup!

July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0838_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0841_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0846_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0847_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0848_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0862_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0882_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0895_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0903_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0915_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0918_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0921_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0924_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0930_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0934_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0960_ July 15, 2015for blog-Apsara_IMG0985_

2 thoughts on “Apsara Dancers – Siem Reap, Cambodia July 12, and 15, 2015

  1. What a treat this had to be. With such low light these pictures are great.

  2. It was a treat. The outdoor “theatre” was designed for this sort of performance and our presentation was the first. It was beautiful.

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